This Old House Renovated With Modern Design

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While the surrounding area was countryside at the purchase of the property in 1697 it was surrounded by development only a few years later and the Prince was forced to buy more land in order to preserve his city views. I recently spent a few weeks traveling through Vienna, Venice, and Rome, and wanted to share with you one of my favorite house museums: Ca’ Rezzonico in Venice. Rather than my snapshots taken on such a gloomy day (my entire 4 day trip to Vienna was rainy!) I thought I’d share more professional photography from Wikipedia. The lower level which has seen its fair share of weathering floods is composed of marble flooring and stucco on stone walls. Public entrance into the park is through a lovely wing of the lower Belvedere seen below. As this is now a busy residential part of the city many people use the park to walk their dogs or jog. I’m a fan now. The Cafe, bookshop, and offices now fill the ground floor and mezzanine spaces of the palazzo. Above is a smaller canal along the side of the palazzo seen from the ballroom.

Another painting by Tiepolo decorates the ceiling of the room flanking the throne room on the Grand Canal (known as the Tiopolo room) as well as the extraordinary secretary desk below and some beautiful Fortuny wall coverings. The ceiling is not forgotten! The large 2 story ballroom features trompe l’oeil wall paintings by Pietro Visconti and the ceiling painted by Giovanni Battista Crosato depicts Apollo in his carriage. It features 189 guest rooms including several deluxe suites featuring classic decor. The throne room features an ornate throne for a priest by rococo artist Antonio Corradini. Naturally Murano glass chandeliers decorate each room. Byzantine craftsmen played an important role in the development of Venetian glass. I never really understood or liked these glass confections until visiting Venice: when you see them in place you just get it. This is however a working art museum so modern sculptures have been inserted into the landscape as well. Commercial buildings dominate skylines in most cities today and house a large working population.

The Lower Belvedere also became a public museum in 1811 when it was used to house the Imperial Collection from Ambras Castle when the Habsburg’s lost Tyrol to Bavaria. Below is the lower Belvedere seen from the terraced gardens. He laid some very beautiful gardens in Kashmir such as Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh. Even on a cloudy day the gardens were delightful, particularly the fountains and statuary. And another better image on a lovelier day from Wikipedia. Above is a diagrammatic floorplan showing the layout from wikipedia. Above is the entrance facade. The church boasts a famous organ by Elias Hossler and a lovely baroque facade by Italian architect Donato Felice D’Allio. Not a bad little church at which to say your prayers. Of course all royal residences had connections to a Catholic church. Of course the many ‘stay off the lawn’ signs send a mixed signal with this meeting point.