Incentives For Breaking Operational Security?

And here Brennan and Clapper are in an all out war with the Trump regime while Boykin remains close to Keith Kellogg, whom he has known for 35 years. The presence of Sir Charles Hambro in the BACC is most significant for our purposes here. The SOE itself was shuttered in early 1946 and the formation of the BACC shortly beforehand may have been designed to preserve the assets of the SOE. The chief figure behind the BACC in turn appears to be the above-mentioned William Stephenson, the legendary British-Canadian spymaster. In the theme of a revolt from below against the bureaucracy, something similar appears to be happening in the FBI. The more I look at these threads, the more convinced I become that Trump’s election was driven by a revolt from the lower levels of the national security state against their DC overlords. In the case of Trump’s national security backers, the whole thing has the air of a revolt against the bureaucratic classes within the CIA and Pentagon from their former subordinates tasked with directly waging the empire’s wars.

Starting in the mid-1970s, bank investigators say, these accounts show that tens of millions of dollars were being transferred between CIA operational accounts and accounts controlled by Saudi companies and the Saudi embassy itself. And then there was Henry Sporborg, a Deputy Head of the Special Operations Executive who went to work for Hambros Bank in the postwar years. Reportedly, the New York office is especially resentful of their superiors in Washington and this came to a head over the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Reportedly it was Stephenson who recommended his close friend William “Wild Bill” Donovan to FDR as a potential head of American intelligence efforts. It is closely linked to William “Wild Bill” Donovan, the legendary founder and director of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the WWII-era predecessor to the CIA. Within the FBI, there appears to be a similar divide between field agents and the Washington bureaucracy that I have outlined above within the CIA and Pentagon. Conversely, Mifsud appears to have longstanding ties to Western intelligence services. Various Western intelligence services had a strong presence from early on as well, particularly those from Germany and France. It is the senior intelligence assessment body in the UK and a part of the Cabinet Office.

Specifically, from the Bureau’s New York field office. Unfortunately for Brennan and the Clap, despite the numerous high level post they’ve held over the years, they do not seem to be as well versed in the dark arts as the empire’s field operators. In April 2007, after ordering a review of the Counterintelligence Field Activity Office, he terminated CIFA’s massive Talon database, which over a period of six years a compiled dossiers on thousands of U.S. Welcome to the long-delayed third installment in my examination of the origins of the shadowy transnational outfit variously known as Le Cercle, Pinay Cercle Violet Cercle, the Pesenti Group and a host of other titles over the years. At least two crucial Cercle figures and SOE veterans had links to either Hambros or his bank. It was during this time period that the Saudis opened up a series of covert accounts at Riggs Bank in Washington. And all of this unfolds against the backdrop of an ever increasing military build up in Eastern Asia while Trump is meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping for the first time this weekend. Pan-European and Atlantic oriented throughout the Cold War, Le Cercle was nonetheless dominated by particularly reactionary Catholic orders such as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) and Opus Dei throughout its early history.

David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, some time Cercle affiliates, had formally broken with the group by 1980. By this time the Cercle complex was firmly committed to rollback, a much more militant approach towards the Soviet Union. And what if Sater was aware of damaging information from his time as an FBI informant working with these investigators? This is interesting in light of Trump’s longstanding relationship with mobster and longtime FBI informant Felix Sater. And even more interesting is the fact that several crucial members of Special Council Robert Mueller’s staff also had ample dealings with Sater over the years. But wait — there’s more! Loss of one or more of these basic facets will have a significant impact on the security of the database. Do not grant more rights than required. These connections stretch coincidence and strongly imply that there is bad blood between the pro and anti Trump factions stretching back to at least the Bush II years. Indeed, Brennan and Clapper appear to have been at the forefront to reverse Bush II era intelligence reforms that Boykin had played a key role in launching. As Jeremy Scahill reports in Dirty Wars, a staunch opponent of this process had been John O. Brennan.