What Is The Sample Set?

The Army’s budget was compared against their 2009 Army Energy Security Implementation Strategy. Army Power and Energy Strategy White Paper, dated April 1, 2010, but decided that it didn’t qualify as the Army’s stated strategy. Congressman Forbes was followed by Senator Mark Udall who talked about his intent to reintroduce the Department of Defense Energy Security Act when its co-sponsor Congresswoman Gabby Gifford returns to the House. The intent for the program was to examine how “DOD can play a prime role in accelerating cleantech development”. His message was that DOD could play a role in innovation, but its job was not to bridge the valley of death for developers. The document remakes the case for DOD energy security with plenty of example of how DOD has “led the way” in technology development. On September 19, 2006 the airport commission approved an emergency contract with Primeflight Aviation Services, Inc. for security inspection services. In case you were wondering what is GASS (the program Roberto Cabelin recently left involuntarily), I took a look at the SFO Airport Commission’s agenda and minutes for some enlightenment. It appears that they are grading on a pass/fail basis anyway and, in the case of the Army, energy leadership is defined as figuring out which way the crowd is going and getting in front of it.

Three other endeavors were noted as supportive of the Army’s stated energy security goals: foaming tents, the Tactical Fuel Managers Defense (TFMD) system and the Smart and Green Energy (SAGE) effort. Apparently, if you are not an acquisition based effort in the Army, you will have a glorious, but short life span. Yet when they are guilty of the same they do it in secret and no-one dares to criticize them, lest they join the ranks of those they persecute. Each transaction security join table stores the transaction data required to secure each row of data. All users must be assigned to at least one security role in order to have access to D365. He cited one Navy project that apparently had a 477 year payback period. 750 billion per year has been spent on satellite weapons used for human experimentation / targeting. Looking at all 9 years of blogging, I averaged 315 per year, but in the age of Twitter (2009-2011) I averaged only 171 blog posts per year. This is particularly so where the secret weapons discussed on this blog are employed.

The goals of the act are to reduce DOD reliance on oil on the battlefield; tasks DOD to plan better for energy use; decrease electricity use at bases; and develop onsite renewables. The two condition necessary for this as stipulated in the paper are that Congress must provide “responsible support” for DOD efforts and that DOD must continue its energy security development in a “collaborative and information sharing manner”. Clearance and need to know of the contents aside, maintaining control of combinations should include keeping access to the security container at a minimum amount necessary to manage good information security. Even if devices or procedures are classified this also applies to them and information on them when they are being used for criminal purposes. The situation is getting worse not better with more and more secretive, undemocratic legislation being sneaked past the unwary public all the time. Simply being “green” is not enough.

For example, the US government just passed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, giving the President (and others) the power to target and silence anyone questioning State corruption. State treachery and terrorism are behind it yet it is all hidden under the guise of “the war on terror”. The Army should have been recognized for its Net Zero efforts on its power projection platforms (installations), but since there are no budget lines associated with it, there is no recognition. Risk management and compliance are dynamic, with ongoing modifications, regular and complex security incidents, and continuous efforts for improvement. 212M identified as supportive of operational energy issues, 81% of the funding was in Science and Technology efforts. Congresswoman Gifford is a great friend to DOD Energy and we wish her a speed recovery. Perhaps DOD should take a tip from DHS decision to drop color codes. The Army was rated as yellow in ESG 1&2 and green in ESG 3. No explanation of what the color code means was provided.

This incident is like a wake-up call to every organization that works with the internet which ultimately means every business in the world. And like this former GRU officer, Sater has worked with US intelligence community for years, beginning as an FBI informant during the late ’90s. Nonetheless, public discussion of these Psyops crimes is beginning. Most of this has found it’s way from government coffers to about 80 defense contractors who are also culpable for the crimes against humanity that are addressed on this site. In fact a Department Of Defense Directive, Directive 5240 1-R, 1994, gives open permission for those under surveillance to be used for remote experimentation. It’s no coincidence that this particularly undemocratic and evil move was followed in 1996 by a significant increase in the number of satellites deployed for the purpose of civilian surveillance and harassment. The Social Security Administration has been under enormous pressure to move its operations online.